Crystalic: persistence in the melodic death metal

Crystalic announced its end right after the virtual album “Persistence” launch. What really happened back then?
In my opinion our band chemistry started to get bad, I got feeling that we all had different kind of visions about how band should sound like and we didn’t have good vibe about what we were doing. It started to feel forced. Recording Persistence was already quite struggle. It took something like 3 years all in all to get ready the album. So though the result was great I felt it's time to get some rest after Persistence.

The band also suffered a tragic change in its line-up and it seems you that are the last from the original formation. How did you handle all these changes? "
Yes we have had lots of line-up changes, and those are never good for us. It's really hard to find musicians who are dedicated to the band and want to play same kind of music. So every time someone leaves or things are not just working with someone it feels always like we have to start all over again. And of course it slows down all the band action at the same, gigs, doing records...everything. But little by little we always handle these things and find new members.

Can we understand that “Persistence” was a suggestive title due to the difficulties the band was undergoing back when it was recorded?
Yes you got that right. It’s suggestive to the difficulties for the band back then but also difficulties generally in life. Mainly it's suggestive to not giving up whatever you are doing.

You release a YouTube lyric video called “Scion”, some sound changes like electronic keyboards can be noticed, and I dare to say that the sound has an atmosphere catch.  What was the idea while writing this song and what does it currently stand for Crystalic?
Scion was our comeback song with new fresh line-up after Persistence album. It was presenting our new sound and some new elements like clean vocals and athmospheric synths. So the idea was that we wanted to get a bit new sound for us but not change our style too much. It still sounds like pure Crystalic

Anyway, it looks like that the band is in a new stage be it for the new member but also musically. Do you agree with that?
Yes, it's always fresh feeling when we get new member in Crystalic. It effects always how we will sound like. New member is also new element for Crystalic and it makes our music more versatile and make us progress as a band. We are really pleased  with the result  how we sound like with the new line-up

Listening to the band’s released albums several influences from bands like King Diamond and Death can be noticed. Did I get it right or totally missed it? By the way, what are your inspirations when writing for Crystalic?
You can absolutely hear the Death influences. Haven't hear about King Diamond influences before and if I think about it, it has to be something to do with guitar leads. Andy Larocque is an awesome guitar player and he had killer leads on Individual Thought Patterns album of Death. My inspiration is of course Chuck Schuldiner and Death but I also listen really peaceful music to have good contrast and inspiration for guitar melodies and for athmosphere. Tony MacAlpine is also one of my favourite guitarists and he have really unique guitar melodies and style.

Finland is worldwide known as a big nest for heavy metal bands. Since you’re part of this scene what can you tell us about it?
Lately I haven't follow much metal scene of Finland. But I know that more and more great bands are coming from here all the time, guess I'm too old to answer this hahaha....lots of metal bands, lots of metalheads, coldness and darkness...that's it.

What are the plans for the band?  Any expected day for releasing a new album?
We are working with the songs of our forthcoming third album and we have almost all the material ready for it. Can't say precise month or day but I think its going to be somewhere in 2015. Actually we just released new song "Lila Ruined" from the material of third album as a taster of things to come. You'll find it here:

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